Convergent Solutions

Energy Modeling
We perform whole building energy simulation using EnergyPlus. Energy models will show how thermal envelope, HVAC system and controls, lighting controls, or renewable energy system, contribute to the building's overall energy consumption. Early in the design, energy modeling can give idea of how well different HVAC and lighting systems will perform. Energy models are used to compare different designs to a baseline system. They are also used by building performance rating systems such as LEED.

Simulation Software Development
We can develop and deliver customized energy modeling software and simulation tools. One of our core strength is to research new technologies, characterize their performance and implement their algorithms into EnergyPlus simulation environment.

EnergyPlus Consulting
EnergyPlus is the US Department of Energy's whole building energy simulation program. It enables modeling building performance to optimize building design for less energy and water consumption. It is a dynamic and powerful tool, adaptable to new HVAC concepts and has a steep learning curve. EnergyPlus is anticipated to become premiere building energy simulation engine. Our background with this simulation tool makes us able to produce quality simulations, and also puts us in a position to help other professionals in learning this tool.